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Enticing Candles

I’m terrible with online shopping… I mean I spend way too much time & money online shopping.

This week the item was a candle. The company is called Enticing Candles and they are one of those ring candles. What i mean by that is inside the top half of the candle wrapped in foil is a ring. The rings are priced between AUD $10 & $1,000. I love candles and to find one that had a ring inside i was hooked!

The candles are priced at $42.95 each plus $4.95 postage. I had some difficulty receiving the candle at first as they use a courier service and i have a parcel locker with Australia Post – lesson learnt Aust Post won’t sign for courier parcels. The crew at Enticing Candles were very helpful and resent a candle through Australia post which reached me 2 days later.

The candle IĀ purchased was the “French Patisserie” which is a pomegranate and pink apple burst to life with buttery pasty sugar plum and vanilla bean blend (or so the side of the candle says) to me it smells like one of those bakery/cake shops that do the awesome sausage rolls and finger buns.

French Patisserie
The Candle of Deliciousness

So after 3 hours of burning, split over 2 days I had my ring. I’m guessing it’s just the cheap ring valued between $10 & $50 as it didn’t have a note in with the ring.

The Ring

Based on the ring I wouldn’t bother buying another candle but the scent is absolutely delicious that I may have to start a collection.. But I may have to wait for the sales!


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