About Me

Hello and welcome to my page.

My name is Bethany I live in Sydney, Australia with my butcher boyfriend, our herb garden and hopefully a pet rabbit (i’m working on it). I work full time and spend my spare time reading, attempting to write and finding new exciting places to go be it to eat, sleep or play- thank you Yelp!

I am from a large family (up in the double digits) so our house was never quiet mainly because we were all battling to talk over each other. I grew up on a rural block which backed onto the bush so days consisted of seeing how far we could get before it got dark.

Growing up i was that kid who was always outside, never put shoes on and spent my whole summer holidays in the pool, i’m still that kid at heart just with shoes!

Recently I have had a couple of things that have taken me down a different path than I wanted, so I went looking for an outlet I guess you could say. I was looking for other ways to share my thoughts, experiences, words and ideas hence a little voice in the crowd was created.


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